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What the heck just happened…. That is the question that most people asked themselves after walking out of the much anticipated “Avengers Infinity War” for the first time. If you haven’t already seen “Avengers Infinity War” yet, Stop here because there are many spoilers ahead.


If you actively read The Chronicle, you would know that we are very much involved in the coverage of movies as well as big Marvel superhero fans. As we mentioned previously, we saw the movie opening night anticipating an action packed film filled with laughs, fights, and lots and lots of emotion, and got a whole lot more. Our predictions were an understatement, as after Thanos acquired all six infinity stones, he snapped his fingers and eliminated half of the universe to “balance” it. Not only did the big purple Titan accomplish his goal, but he also claimed the lives of multiple Avengers including Spiderman, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and many more.


So that’s it, right? Thanos won? Not so fast. First of all, according to Doctor Strange who looked into all 14 million possibilities, “it was the only way.” “It” being the one timeline that the Avengers defeat Thanos. Who’s to say that this isn’t all part of Dr. Strange’s foresight and the Avengers still have a chance after all?


Also, a sequel to the critically acclaimed movie is scheduled for a release in May 2019, with the so-called Captain Marvel (who was teased in the post-credits scene) likely being tasked to save the day. As to where the next installment will take the beloved characters, we can’t say for sure, but theories of time travel and different realities have left comic geeks around the world to contemplate how on Earth the Russo Brothers (movie directors) will follow this film up. Could they use the time stone to go back and refight the battles they lost? Could the dusted away heroes be trapped somewhere else? How will they make sequels to the critically and financially acclaimed Spiderman and Black Panther movies without either these heroes being alive? Does Chris Evans’ contract ending as Captain America after the next movie mean he will not survive the coming conflicts?


The good thing is that all of these questions will be answered next year, when the fourth installment is released in the summer of 2019. Or will they?