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Smiling Through It All

This past track season has definitely been one to remember. It was filled with record breaking times and distances. This year’s track team has been nothing less than superb in its results. The team came to practice every day with a mindset to work and get better and it showed on race day. The 4×100 team proved to be the fastest team in the state of Virginia. The girls 4×800 team can say the same. They had multiple athletes individually prove to be the best in each of their respective events. The unparalleled work ethic and attention to detail was critical in terms of the team’s overall success. The team chemistry was also one of the best they had ever had. Everyone was supportive of one another and everyone pushed their peers to be better. What else could you want from a team? Coach Walsh and his staff made every practice enjoyable and fun. Practice was a space to let go of stress and enjoy time with one another as well as enjoy time together while getting better. Some workouts were really hard but the way that the coaches approached these hard practices is what made them the most enjoyable. Not one practice went by in which I did not see every single athlete smile. That is something that I can not say is true throughout other sports. It is a special thing which has to be accredited to the coaching staff. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of something so special and I will cherish this team for the rest of my life.