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Community Life

May Day 2018

“It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Photo by Barrett Carney ’19

Ahhh yes, the now infamous May Day. In the second anniversary of its establishment, the EHS junior class gathered together to set up what was to be an exciting three hours. With an unexpected rescheduling of the start to the festivities, however, the Class of 2019 rushed to complete all of their assigned tasks. This proved not to be an issue for the resilient group of students, and in no time, emails of the earlier start time were sent and the students stood awaiting the arrival of the rest of the EHS community. The water slide was set, snow cone truck in position, hot dogs grilling, and all that was left were the students.


Though there proved to be a slow start, faculty children, administration, and students looking for a study break began to pour in. This was not without the support of the newly elected Cheerleaders in training, who suited up in body paint and ran through the dorms and library to remind students that a little fun helps relieve the stress that accumulates from studying. As students began to tie-dye t-shirts, eat Grill & Chill food, and run onto the water slide, members of the junior class helped to maintain the perfect balance between soap, water, and most unexpectedly, milk. Though few people truly understand the new milk phenomena, it played a crucial role in the May Day festivities.


I, myself, was fortunate enough to partake in a watermelon eating contest in which I embarrassingly beat Millie Pettegrew 13 watermelon consumed to 5. Or at least that is how I remember it. Regardless, this new addition to May Day was undoubtedly popular, as students continuously joined in on the competition. The snow cone truck also proved to be a fan favorite, as students lined up to pour the flavors of their choice in whichever quantity they pleased. When looking around at the sheer joy of students and faculty alike, myself and the rest of the junior class felt confident in our hard work. Head monitor, John Moses’ fearless guidance, however, should not go unnoticed. Without his and the senior monitor’s organization and time, May Day 2018 would not have been as successful as it was.