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Manga!! Mania

Manga President Helen Chen (top row, middle) with founding club members. Photo courtesy of Karen Zhang.







If you go to the library on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you might notice room 101 is always filled with students talking and laughing in an unrestrained and loud voice. That is us! The Manga!! Club. (If we had negative impact on your study experience, we are sincerely sorry about it.) What you saw was us having weekly workshops, which gave birth to the fantastic graphic novels you can see on our website. In theory, workshops should be quiet and productive. However, we figured the spark of ideas come from conversations and arguments. Besides, we have a bunch of exuberant kids.


So, how did we get all those crazy kids into Library 101?


It all started with our very very first “project”, a collaboration by Helen Chen and Cindy Xin, a flyer for the club fair. It was a little rough around the edges, but it worked well enough with our silly poster to attract all the amazing members that we have today. We went from one single flyer to 28 pages of manga from 6 different students by April 10th then to 45 pages of manga from 7 different students by May 22nd. From Life Before EHS to Life At EHS, all the members improved little by little every day.


This time, in our second project, we had our club members work in pairs to create three different collaborative manga pieces in which we hope everyone in the community can relate to in some way. Karen Zhang and Hayoung Lee, a pair of roommates, are drawing what their life is like under the same roof. David Lee and Cindy Xin, both novice runners, are creating a manga about their experience with afternoon running. Arabella Dixon and Helen Chen, two close friends, shared concern on the topic of mental wellness and appreciation for friendships at EHS.

With pride and gratification, we uploaded our most recent works to our website: https://mangaclub2018.wixsite.com/maroon. Please check them out and we truly hope that our stories can bring you joy and thoughts. If you’re interested joining in Manga!! Club and wish to produce more fabulous works with us please contact Helen Chen, Cindy Xin, or Ms. Newton for more information!