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How To Live Your Best Episcopal Life, According to The Class of 2018

From Erin Phillips ’18 and Janie Stillwell ’18

As we reminisce about our years at Episcopal, we are thinking back to how we survived and attempted to thrive. So here it goes… our ten-step guide of best advice for Episcopal:


  1. Make sure to guard your laundry detergent and toothpaste
  2. Take full advantage of free weekend activities
  3. COED visi is the best
  4. Bond with your dorm team for free McDonalds trips
  5. Make sure to get your naps or Netflix time in when your stressed
  6. Capitalize on the styling talents of your peers #dormhaircuts
  7. Get a Rite Aid or Zoe’s reward card
  8. Dining hall hacks are key to conquering your late night cravings
  9. If you love online shopping as much as we do, become best friends with Mr. Hong
  10. Don’t wait until second semester senior year to bond with people outside your friend group


While these may not help you conquer all the challenges here, they can make your life a little bit easier. Our biggest piece of advice from our time at EHS is enjoy it because as we are learning it doesn’t last forever. Grow close to your classmates, bond with your teachers, and take advantage of all Episcopal offers. And most importantly get to know faculty kids like yours truly.


From Guen Dunstan ’18

As my time here on the Holy Hill comes to a close, I find myself filled with eagerness, excitement, and nostalgia as I prepare to leave The High School. During my four years here I have filled my time with friendship, adventure, and even a little bit of studying. If you ever feel yourself starting to become bored, choose something from this list to experience Episcopal in a new light.


  1. Dance your heart out at the DJ
  2. Start your own club
  3. Take a senior leave to go to a concert in DC
  4. Sleepover with a friend on a different dorm
  5. Write an article for the Chronicle
  6. Compete in Battle of the Chefs
  7. Wear the most outrageous outfit during Spirit Week
  8. Try a new sport
  9. Visit a museum in DC
  10. Participate in Special Olympics
  11. Watch the sunrise on the Front Drive
  12. Have a snowball fight on Chapel quad
  13. Go on a solo center run
  14. Watch a movie and order pizza with your dorm
  15. Submit to the Daemon
  16. Sign up for a totally random activity
  17. Go to midnight ice skating
  18. Get hypnotized
  19. Beat Woodberry!
  20. Graduate!!


Make the most of your time here because it will be gone in a blink of an eye!


From The Senior Class

“Avoid the history floor on short skirt days” -Janie Reynolds

“Your finsta and Snapchat story are not your friend” -Eloise Mcnair

“Get to breakfast early so you can get the best fruit”- Ansley Haulbrook

“Mixing the dhall’s peach cocktail with orange juice is the call for a good mocktail” -Colt Waller

“Don’t wear off-the-shoulder shirts to class. It doesn’t work.” -Mary Peeples

“The track isn’t out of bounds, just FYI” -Kay Finlay

“Don’t be vocal.” – Corbin Ellington

“Put your shower caddy on the top shelf” -Isabelle Holt

“Life hack: if you’re behind on laundry, put your school clothes on your issue strap” -Taylor Redd

“Toast your bread before you put it in the microwave to make grilled cheese” -Janie Stillwell

“Hide your conditioner” -Kay Finlay

“Wear pants.” -Ben Archie