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Community Life

Dear Seniors,

Having known the senior class for three years now, I can confidently say that they have impacted my Episcopal experience as well as the experience of everyone else here. For that we say thank you.


A good portion of the seniors have been at Episcopal for four years now, and they have seen a lot of change. When the seniors began here, they bought their breakfast sandwiches from Vince and Vickie, they had mass meetings in Stewart, they looked on as a freshman tiger was pummeled before the Game, and they watched as seniors accepted their diplomas from Mr. Hershey rather than Mr. Stillwell.


We will miss the seniors for getting everyone excessively rowdy at the Game. We will miss yelling “C-Dub” in violent outbursts in public spaces. At basketball games, we will miss the seniors for searching through the roster of an opposing team and heckling a player thoroughly. We will miss the reliability of the seniors to play Fortnite with us during the month of May. We will miss Sophie’s New Balance sneakers. We will miss Shedler’s dance moves in Stewart.  We will miss rejoicing to the dance team’s performances in chapel. We will miss Gray’s double life as football player by day, and Prince Charming by night. INTO THE WOODS! We will miss Doris’ unparalleled cello performances… When is T-Swift gonna tweet back? We will miss Taylor’s jokes at the end of community meetings, although the memes definitely have potential. We will also miss senior prank day because that is most likely never going to happen again. Don’t forget avoiding Canvas and instead hanging out with Bea in Stewart. Don’t forget the cornmeal catfish at the specialty bar, in the dining hall, because that is what they’re serving for lunch this week. Don’t forget the “healthy choices” phase that rid our beloved desserts from seated meals and made the chocolate chips disappear from the waffle bar. Don’t forget breaking the floor of Stewart during a mass meeting. Don’t forget beating Woodberry freshman and senior year. Don’t forget Henry Barrett and Corbin Ellington barking to fill the space of awkward silences. Don’t forget about the reemergence of the “eradicated” mumps virus that plagued the student body. Don’t forget about that time when Matt Berendsen got food poisoning from a Domino’s Meat Lover’s pizza.


Thanks for being you. We’ve got big shoes to fill. Although your departure from Episcopal leaves you with a lot to reminisce about, we too have a lot to remember about each and every one of you. We wish you the best of luck as you face the world that, while you may have thought nothing existed beyond beating Woodberry and picking up packages from the mailroom, is filled with opportunities. *boom* *boom* So get out there and we will all be here giving you support… haha get it?