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Ambush Interview: May Day Edition

Last Saturday, students and faculty gathered on the front drive for the final closed weekend’s highly anticipated “May Day” event. As the junior class took on the role of planning and setting up, students of all grades took note of the new additions they brought to the day’s activities.


When asked about her experience at the event, sophomore Millie Pettigrew said, “It was really fun but I actually think I have a concussion. The injuries from that slip n’ slide were definitely evenly distributed.” Meanwhile junior Alice Maxey shared, “it was fun, but I’m gonna be honest, I left at like 12:45.” Commenting on the highlights of the day, junior George Eberle thought, “it was a great experience, a wonderful time. The milk made it especially good,” while junior Jett Lyerly detailed “Milk. Everywhere. Surprised people didn’t OD on Calcium.” They were not alone in this observation, as Junior Parker Driscoll declared, “it was a bad day to be lactose intolerant,” with junior Cole Wise adding,“milk levels were most definitely at an all-time high.” This detail proved to be a divisive issue.


While junior Will Cory said, “it did get a little milky, which was good. Gotta keep that daily Calcium intake up,” junior Maggie Moore argued, “I hate milk, and it smelled so bad.” Sophomore MP Singleterry shared in this sentiment, saying, “I would have preferred there be more soap than milk on the slip n’ slide. There was too much milk.” Also commenting on the popular topic was sophomore Carson Allen, who reflected that “the milk idea was pretty interesting..but the day was fun” as sophomore Caroline Ullrich added, “I thought the juniors did a good job.” Even faculty noted the changes to the slip n’ slide. Summarizing some of their confusion, Ms. Galiger asked, “What was the deal with all the milk?”


But besides this slightly controversial quirk, students and faculty alike all found things they enjoyed about May Day. Whether it be the tie-dye and face paint stations, the snow cone truck, or even the milky slip n’ slide, there was something for everyone. Best capturing this range of enjoyment, sophomore Maggie Mattox gushed: “I loved the watermelon. There was so much watermelon and like, I haven’t had watermelon in so long. It’s my favorite food, like, I just love watermelon.”