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Sleep is the one thing I did not hesitate to sacrifice until I saw the difference when I started to sleep. The day SWELL introduced project SNZ to the student body, I knew I was one of their prime targets. I really did try to improve my sleeping habits, but it was just not enough. For three nights in a row, I used the eye mask and essential oils to go to bed early, but after that I went right to back to my 2 a.m. bedtime. With college deadlines ahead of me, sleep seemed to be the easiest aspect of my life to give up. However, life got easier when second semester commenced. Deadlines were no longer an issue, homework decreased night by night and Netflix was my best friend. My 2 a.m bedtime went from studying to binge watching, until I found my cure: Project Snz 2.0 (seniors only).

The extent to which Snz 2.0 is necessary, even in second semester of senior year, utterly surprised me. Each participant had different reasons for signing up, but we all had the same objective, which was to get a solid night’s sleep. The “Zen Den” involved mindful breathing, gentle movement, aromatherapy, yoga and — my personal favorite — guided meditation. After taking part in this for one week, I not only went to bed almost immediately upon my return to dorm, but I truly felt more rested when I woke up, and more energized throughout the day.

Even though I do not do every activity I learned from SNZ 2.0, I aim to do at least one every night before I go to bed because the effect amazes me. I am not exaggerating when I say I feel like brand new person when I get 8 hours of sleep, and I strongly encourage everyone in this community to try and achieve 8 hours a night as well. Trust the words of my fellow senior Jinsoo Kim, “Sleep is mad important,” because I surely am a living testimony.

As we approach the last couple months of school, I want you all to utilize these tips for de-stressing by Ms. Straight:

  1. Go admire the beauty of Laird Acres
  2. Visit the Trophy room for yoga with Ms. Straight
  3. Take a walk in the Labyrinth at the Seminary
  4. Turn off all media 30 minutes before bed or even borrow a faculty dog to play with!

In addition to these activities, the Meditation club, Mental Health club and the SWELL room during exams are all available resources provided to you by SWELL!