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LMOC Feelz

Photo courtesy of Aly Cowin

For seniors, the month of April is filled with several “lasts.” Though we are only halfway through our Last Month Of Classes, I have already checked the box for several of these “lasts,” including the last paper I will ever write in high school, my last biology test, and our last full marking period. When I was a junior, I envisioned myself tanning on greenway by day and having BBQ’s on Dal patio by night during the Last Month Of Classes in my senior year. Though the LMOC is quite a relief after 4 years of late nights studying on dorm, it is a myth that second semester seniors have excessive amounts of free time. With just as much homework to do, just as many tests to take, extracurriculars still in full effect, and anxiety about housing registration for next year and college roommate searches, there seems to be little time for the tanning and BBQ’s that I anticipated. These “lasts” ignite feelings that range from excitement and joy to sadness and fear; however, motivation is something that NONE of us are feeling, making these tasks seem even more unachievable and overbearing than ever before.

The LMOC also comes with the pressure to fully absorb the Episcopal routine due to the fear of not appreciating it until our time has run out. On one hand, I feel obligated to go to the Center every day and soak in my newly granted freedoms, but on the other hand, I am worried about regretting not working hard enough in my LMOC. My teachers tell me to “finish strong,” while my friends who have graduated tell me to “enjoy every last moment at EHS,” and those two nuggets of wisdom tend to be in conflict with one another. We are receiving e-mails reminding us to utilize our senior leaves this month, since we will not be able to do so in May; and instead of stressing about our GPA, we are stressed about finding the most exciting events to attend in DC on a week night, to ensure that our senior privileges are employed to their full extent before it is too late.

The end of the LMOC signifies many things for seniors, including the May 1 deadline to commit to a college, as well as our first day in the DC workforce. In the meantime, we go on college revisits, confirm dates with our externship hosts, start voting for the 2018-2019 student leadership positions at EHS, find a freshman year roommate, and try not to disappoint our teachers too much. With college on our mind and reminders that we will not be seniors here for much longer, it can be hard to remain focused on the present. Though the LMOC can be the pinnacle of the “Senior Slide,” there are still quite a few homework assignments left to complete and lot more “lasts” to experience before the tanning on greenway and barbecues on Dal patio can officially commence.