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Finals Fashion

“Finding the perfect finals dress for senior year is more stressful than my entire junior year!” -Kate Jones


As Episcopal springs into full bloom, the stress from both final exams and the Finals dance can be felt throughout campus. While I may not be able to assist you with your calculus review or cramming for AP biology, I can definitely help you find the perfect Finals dress! Whether you are looking to go bold with a bright jumpsuit, or are on the hunt for something more simplistic, below are some suggestions for everyone!

Find this dress at fameandpartners.com

Fame and Partners is a unique brand that allows for you to customize the color of your dress, and offers free alterations. Their styles range from long gowns to summery mini dresses, assuring their customers that they have what you need for any occasion. This dress is sold in both bright magenta and black, my personal favorite being the magenta. It’s both feminine and fun, featuring an open back and ruffles.

Find this dress at forloveandlemons.com

For Love and Lemons plays on the concepts of both femininity and originality. Their dresses always include a unique twist, with added ruffles, lace, or floral patterns. This modern yet elegant wrap dress is perfect for Finals or any summer event. The cascading ruffles add a flair of individuality, giving off an effortless charm.

Find this dress at fameandpartners.com

Stylestalker is an Australian brand that combines art and design, with a coveted collection of dresses, outerwear, and separates. Their pieces are simplistic and classic, sure to look good on anyone. This teal maxi dress features a deep neckline and a drapey overlay. Paired with a metallic heels and a statement necklace, this dress is perfect for Finals. As Maddy Warrell says, “If you buy it in Australia, no one else will have it!”

Find this jumpsuit at renttherunway.com

Rent the Runway challenges the norm by revolutionizing the meaning of ownership. This company allows you to rent any luxury item for four to eight days, fostering a new sustainable way to be fashionable. I would definitely recommend this bright red figure flaunting jumpsuit! Pair it with some elegant gold jewelry to top of your look.

Have fun at Finals and I can’t wait to see what everyone wears!