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Entrepreneurial Studies Pitch Contest Recap

Recently coined “neurial” by Thomas Kreger, Entrepreneurial Studies is a Senior elective offered in the spring co-taught by Mr. deButts and Mr. Fitzgerald. The semester-long class is always fun and hands down one of my favorite classes. The structure of this course is unlike any other at EHS, with very little homework assignments and tests, it’s easy to see why so many second semester seniors gravitate towards the creative class.

In the beginning of the course, we learned about the Business Model Canvas and had visits from successful entrepreneurs Greg DiNardo and Courtney Ferrell. After the lesson on ideation, we were ready to start coming up with ideas of our own! It took about a week to generate drafts of their proposals. After practicing pitch after pitch, we were finally ready for the big contest in the dining hall.

On Thursday, April 5 both sections of ES came together during buffet lunch for the final Pitch Contest. From Rett Dotterer with Smart Laundry to Guen Dunstan with Artify, ideas were thrown around, you could feel the electricity in the air. Once the judges, Ms. Woolworth, Mrs. Kantz, and Alex Keller, had submitted their scores, it became a waiting game. Although my Travel Towel did not place, I have to give credit to Janie Stillwell with Road Trippin’ and Christian Wright’s Battery Life tied for third place, Robert Espy in second with Window Therm, and finally Colt Waller with Shazeet coming in first place who won an awesome JBL speaker.

Now we are in four teams, each preparing and cultivating one idea for a final pitch to the senior class on May 1. To all rising seniors, I strongly urge you to sign up for this class. You will not only have a blast and make some great friends, but you will also learn some very useful information for your future. Whether you want to work on Wall Street or at NASA, “neurial” will help prepare you for all your endeavors!