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Don’t You Forget About Me

The EHS Breakfast Club. Photo courtesy of Whispers board

Breakfast, the meal resented because of its associations with Levels and early morning wake-ups. Yes, it’s true, there’s an unfortunate stigma around breakfast here on the Holy Hill. Students unfairly judge the meal because they see it as a hindrance to their day, as opposed to appreciating it for all that it can do to improve their daily ritual. You should go to breakfast. No matter what grade you are in. And you should go for the right reasons, not just because you don’t want to get another Level, or because your parents are aggressively texting you about it. There are so many reasons justifying why you should go to breakfast, but for the sake of our ever-shortening attention spans, I’ve whittled the list down to just a select few. If at least one of these speaks to you, I suggest you start waking up ten minutes earlier (I know, the horror) and hauling yourself down to the dining hall before your first class. It might be hard at first, but once it becomes a habit, you might just realize how essential breakfast is to cultivating the ultimate Episcopal experience.

  1. It sucks to wake up hungry. And then to sit through class hungry. And then to have to risk being late to a class because you are trying to grab food from the overcrowded nook during a quick five-minute break, and on the off chance you spill your coffee, that’s an additional ten minutes to go change. Basically, morning hunger is problematic, but a quick trip to breakfast will make your morning cravings a virtual stranger.
  2. You are less likely to feel grossly full throughout the day, which is never fun for anyone. More smaller meals mean you do not binge eat when the baked ziti and high quality chili are served at lunch, causing you to feel overfilled (and ready to nap) by the time that announcements are read.
  3. “The waffles.”
  4. You have more energy for the day, which is crucial at EHS, where being low on energy means the day is quite virtually impossible– the trek all the way out to Baker feels more like a mile long hike through rocky terrain.
  5. Again, hunger makes you irritated and unfocused. Especially if you eat dinner at 5:45, and then do not snack afterwards, by the time you get to your first class the next morning your body will have gone 13 and a half hours without eating. That is a whole lot of hours without any food.
  6. When else are you going to get a free breakfast buffet every day? When raspberries from fresh market can cost up to ten dollars for two boxes, and brunch at Fontaine in Alexandria is a steal at around 20 dollars per person, the bang for your buck of Episcopal breakfast really is astounding. Besides, as long as you are paying tuition anyways, might as well get your money’s worth.
  7. If you don’t like eggs, do not fear—there are endless other options. Fresh cut and washed fruit galore! A vast variety of different sausages and bacons that changes daily! Oatmeal! Grits! Pancakes or French toast! And did I mention the waffles?
  8. The Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that breakfast improves memory, which means that yes, it is possible to be even more prepared for that APUSH test. And you thought you had it all down.

Attend breakfast. You really have no excuse not to. It’s the most reliable meal of the day, one that you can never go wrong with. In the immortal words of Rett Dotterer, originally a reluctant breakfast goer: “It really fuels me for the day- it helps me stay awake and gives me a nice boost.” And really, who does not want that?