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Ambush Interview: Spring Family Weekend

Photo by EHS Communications

Every April, the EHS campus gears up for the arrival of students’ families for Family Weekend (formerly known as Parents Weekend). The grass gets meticulously cut, the bread rolls become fresher, and third quarter grades are released. Though the event requires extensive preparation from teachers, administrators, and maintenance staff, the sentiments surrounding the weekend may be strongest among the students. From fearing parent-teacher meetings to anticipating an upgrade from dorm rooms to hotel rooms, students harbor a range of sentiments. When asked for his thoughts on Family Weekend,  junior Jett Lyerly said, “you already know the sweet tea is about to be dank,” as junior Parker Driscoll added “dining hall’s about to bring their A-game for the ‘rents.” Regarding the weekend’s activities, senior Taylor Redd explained, “I feel like it’s habitually overhyped, but then it still always ends up being fun.” Meanwhile, junior Cole Wise shared, “I’m always sequestered with my parents in Georgetown,” though he added, “but I’m excited to see all the overly enthusiastic parents at the sports games.” On the subject of parents, junior Margeaux McCastlain gushed that she was “so excited to see family,” while junior Lindsey Harrison said, “I sort of went to boarding school so that I didn’t have to be around parents.” Senior Taylor Redd expanded upon this sentiment, arguing, “I’m always excited to see my parents before, but then once I spend a lot of time with them I’m reminded of why I go to boarding school.” While some students opt to stay on campus or in hotels with their parents, some take advantage of the long weekend opportunity, like junior Trudy Holmes, who explained, “I’ll be leaving again. Not staying for that.” But regardless of students’ varying locations and opinions, parents and students alike can all find things to appreciate from the weekend, whether it be productive teacher conferences, sports game victories, or just free meals. Offering a closing summary of the weekend, Sophomore Missy Brandt declared, “I’d say it’s just parents trying to impress other parents while their kids run away from them.”