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The sisterhood of the traveling ballers

Photo from EHS Flickr

Ever heard anyone say those five words: I play girls’ JV basketball? Well, if you haven’t heard those words, now you have. I played girls’ JV basketball. I played girls’ JV basketball for three years. My roommate freshman year, Taylor Redd, decided to play, and so I decided to follow her, and showed off my skills from middle school basketball.  My first year I might not have been a starting a player, but hey! I made the team, thanks to DAD and Mrs. Pugh. I learned that we didn’t call ourselves a JV team; rather, we referred to ourselves as “THE big dawgs.” Freshman year was a lot of learning from the bench, absorbing the schools of the mighty juniors on the court. My second year, I saw more playing time. When I could, I would attempt to shoot some threes, try to get that dub for our team, or break some ankles. I planned on retiring after my sophomore year, replacing JV basketball with winter track. This was not to be the case though- my teammates, Hailey Simmons and Ansley Haulbrook, encouraged me to stick it out, and to continue playing junior year. The decision to stick with JV was one of the best I could’ve made, I’ll be eternally grateful for the advice of Ansley and Hailey. Not only did I have two amazing coaches with Mrs. Murray and Ms. McKeachie (soon to be Mrs. Smith), but the team also made my last year a memorable one. I went out of JV basketball with a bang by beating the Saints, and the team’s vibes were all around great! So if you haven’t considered it, I would strongly encourage you to think about playing JV basketball and, if you have played, welcome to the sisterhood of JV ballers!