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Community Life


We are now two weeks in to the month of February and many students and faculty members have expressed their thoughts on the trial schedule. Many students said that they enjoyed sleeping in, but it made the school day feel longer because it ends much later than before. The late end to the school day also shortens the amount of time that students have in between school and sports which can make the day seem rushed. However, everyone seems to enjoy a shortened practice time in the afternoons.

Another adjustment was switching the Tuesday and Thursday schedules, which was meant to shorten the work load on Wednesday night, but Millie Pettegrew said, “Now we have a lot of homework on Monday night and not as much time,” and many others said that it was nice when there was all of Sunday to complete work and then not as much on Monday. However, now we don’t have a lot of work on our new center day because we only have three classes the next day. Many students are on the edge about the new center day. Nora Huffines said, “Many teams have games on Tuesday so a lot of people can’t even go to the center.”

Another new addition to our schedule is earlier lights out time for everyone including the seniors. Some said that this takes away from long awaited senior privileges and the fifteen minute difference isn’t going to change much. Community Meeting at the end of the day on Thursday also raises some questions. Katherine Allen said, “I like to know about the weekend activities and other events going on throughout the week before Thursday,” and a lot of students have also said that it is hard to go to community meeting at the end of the day because most people want to nap or work before sports.

Although not directly related to the new schedule, the majority of students also believe it is unnecessary to take away dessert from seated meals. Mrs. Taylor says, “I like some parts and don’t like other parts!” which seems to be the attitude of most students. For the students there are upsides such as sleeping in and downsides like having community meeting after a long day. Another downside is that on Thursday you don’t have every class, therefore removing Thursday as a review day for the whole week. Suppose you have a test on Friday and the last time you had the class was Wednesday, eliminating the day before the test to have in class review. All in all, there are ups and downs of the new trial schedule. And as March begins, we will all grieve the absence of the extra 30 minutes of sleep. Cherish it while it lasts, and time will tell if the trial schedule will be applied to a permanent schedule for the 2018-2019 school year.