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Poll: How Stressed is EHS?

Amid the research papers, SATs, and pre-Spring Break deadlines, the rising workload can be felt in the anxious students of the now more densely populated March Library. But when asked to describe their level of stress, students in the library provided a wide range of emotions:


“Stress levels are never not at an all-time high.” – Cole Wise

“I’m so stressed that I can’t even think of how stressed I am and it’s stressing me out.” – Missy Brandt

“I’m chillin. I just go to the library to distract people.” – Sophie Singletary

“Just the thought of this school makes me stressed. I could literally reach Nirvana and the words Episcopal High School would send me back to level 10 anxiety.” – Margot Yardley

“10 out of 10. No, 11 out of 10. I broke out in hives today.” – Jonesy Wilbanks

“I feel like my stress levels should definitely be higher than they are right now.” – Will Cory

“I’m so stressed that I went to the library on a Saturday.” – Bea Campagna

“You know, being a second semester Senior, I’d say my stress levels are low, incredibly low. I’ve been feeling hella chill.” – Ben Archie

“I’m just literally drowning.” – Savanna Zumbado

“I feel like I am stressed even though I shouldn’t be stressed which kinda sucks ‘cause everyone else around me seems to be not stressed.” – John Woodward