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How often are you presented with an opportunity to converse with peers in other grades and circles, with Chick-fil-A no less?! This past Monday, Episcopal Table Talk club offered just that! Led by our very own Olivia Tucker, Jett Lyerly and Juliet Faris, the team seized an opportunity to bring together those from all walks of life at EHS.

Founded last year by Olivia Tucker with the intention to push students to branch out of their systematic social circles, Table Talk has taken Episcopal by storm. As the first ever high school chapter of Table Talk, an organization that originated at the University of Pennsylvania, EHS Table Talk group has organized an array of events similar to that of last Monday’s dinner. Through late night dorm talks and Campus Couches, Table Talk has fostered an environment that has prompted conversation extending beyond our regular social circles.

So naturally, getting off the seemingly endless wait list for last Monday’s dinner, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to engage in another Table Talk event. Sitting at a table led by Juliet Faris and Esther Kim, I soon became absorbed in conversation with my fellow EHS peers, discovering attributes about them that extended far beyond hometowns. Natalie Block, yearbook photographing prodigy, commented on the conversations, noting that “it’s just cool because you don’t ever just get to sit and talk like that.” What seemed far shorter than an hour quickly became the highlight of my week. Other than Chick-fil-A, which I was already very well acquainted with, I forged friendships with peers I had only strolled by in the hallways. And as I near the end of my Episcopal career, any opportunity to broaden my social circles is one I’ll embrace. So thanks Table Talk for allowing me to make a few friends, and of course, that ever-so-tasty chicken biscuit!”