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Community Life

Bai, Winter Blues

Photo by Elizabeth Henderson

Let’s face it, coming back from winter break is a dreaded thought amongst the entire student body. Ideas of frigid weather and dark afternoons clouded the minds of every EHS student as they drove through the front gates on January 2nd. I, however, arrived on campus on New Year’s Day, ready and excited for the first girls’ varsity basketball practice of 2018. Why was I urging to get back on campus?!?!?! There is one simple answer I can give, this being my knowledge of the abundance of activities that EHS’ very own activities team has crafted up to get everyone through the infamous winter blues.

I have found that over my two full years at EHS thus far, there are specific ways to get through this time successfully. The most important, other than owning furry Uggs and a winter coat, is to keep yourself busy on the weekends. Personally, my favorite activity during January of every year has been the midnight ice-skating event, which hopefully many of you enjoyed this past Saturday. But what else is there to do, you might ask? As always, attending the entertaining games of any of our various basketball teams is an easy way to keep yourself active. Not only are there athletic games, but also monthly coffee houses and a school-wide favorite: the Saturday night DJs. Lastly, Winter Carnival provides a mid-week break in February, as students attend a senior vs. faculty basketball game followed by a girls ask boys dance!

However you decide to spend your weekend, whether it be out and about on campus, curled up in your room watching netflix, or spending time with friends at a movie or dinner, have fun and remember Spring Break is coming soon…. We’re all in this together; you got this!