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Team Spotlight: Varsity Field Hockey


After a great 2015 season, where the team nearly won the ISL championship, the girls’ varsity field hockey team has returned to the 2016 season focused on continuing to build upon last season’s accomplishments. Along with Head Coach Shelly Montgomery, the three new additions to the coaching staff— Shannon Stofko, Devon Montgomery and Morgan Briggs— have helped players remain committed, united and full of grit throughout each practice and game.

The leadership of captains Camden Alford, LizaBanks Campagna and Keeling Pilaro also keeps the team energized and ready to take on any drill, sprint or game.  The team’s senior class is rounded out by Maddie Korkowski, Caroline Knutson, Camille Ciolino and Sarah Kurzweil, all of whom contribute to the success of the team both on and off the field. Ciolino’s addition to the team has been particularly valuable, and after picking up the sport just this year, she has showcased her impressive goalie skills every time she heads out to the field. Along with Ciolino, eight other new players joined the team this year.

Following the Seminary Hill Cup game, the team’s recent games against Flint Hill and Sidwell Friends featured many shots on goal for Episcopal’s offense, ultimately resulting in two dominant wins. Especially impressive, however, was Episcopal’s Oct. 15 performance against a very strong St. Catherine’s team in Richmond. Although Episcopal narrowly lost, the game featured some of the team’s best play of the season, as each member of the team played with confidence and intensity; the team walked away from the game feeling proud of its physical and mental accomplishments. Versatility has also been key this year as stress fractures have plagued several players; in particular, juniors Eleanor Winants and Erin Phillips have proven their versatility as they alternate play in the backfield.

With only a few games left in the regular season, the team looks to improve upon its current winning record with an away game against Potomac and the final home game of the regular season against Foxcroft. Heading into post-season play, the field hockey team will need to continue to play with the skill and composure it has already worked on improving this season.