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She’s A Human (Leave Kim Alone)

The Kim Kardashian Robbery has garnered publicity in a way that no one would have expected. Instead of headlines that sympathized with the frightened star, whose life seemed to flash before her very eyes as masked gunmen tied her up and held her at gunpoint, they focused on demeaning her image and questioning the credibility of the story.


First off, how in the world did Kim Kardashian gain enough publicity for this to be considered groundbreaking news? It’s truly unbelievable. The idea that the Kardashians eclipse the election of 2016, one of the most important current events happening in the United States today, shows what we as Americans truly value. Not the fragility of our country, which will soon be run by one of the two most controversial presidential candidates to date. Instead, we decide to bash Kim Kardashian rather than understand the gravity of the situation; she was tied up, placed in the bathtub, and gagged while two men in ski masks held a gun to her head.


No matter where you stand on the Kardashian’s fame, the publicity surrounding the whole matter should be of everyone’s concern. It’s a harrowing experience to be robbed at gunpoint, especially at such high stakes; when it happens to Kim Kardashian, though, it’s nothing but a publicity stunt, a ploy created by the Kardashians to once again put them on our twitter feeds and TV screens. Everyone was quick to throw jabs at the reality star, claiming that her controversial rise to fame and boastful presence on social media provoked the robbers into attacking her in the first place.


This is an experience no one should go through. To dehumanize anyone, irrespective of what they’ve done in the past or who they are as a person, is unfair. Yes, Kim was snapchatting her private location, but don’t we all? Here at Episcopal, at least 1,000 snapchats are sent each day containing our geotag. If we were robbed at gunpoint, no one would discredit us simply because we publicly displayed our location on Snapchat; it’s insane and unfathomable. It crosses very few of our minds what would happen if the wrong person got ahold of our location; yet, even as such dramatic events unfolded in Kim Kardashian’s hotel room, we laughed like it couldn’t happen to us. It was Kim’s fault of course! Had we been in her shoes, we would’ve never posted our location for the world to see. What would we have done if it was George Clooney? Ellen Degeneres? Had it been Ellen, I personally would’ve freaked out; she’s a respected figure in the industry today who stands for equality, and created a wholesome image of herself that individuals relate to. In contrast, Kim hasn’t exactly been an ideal role model, but that’s in her past. Today, she lives her life as a devoted mother and wife, so the constant slander she receives is pointless.


If we’re going to discuss this issue, we need to be more empathetic. Kim is, at the end of the day, a person, mother of two, wife, sibling, and daughter. She shouldn’t have gone through what she went through, and that’s that. Since that’s been settled, why don’t we focus on items that actually apply to us? We are smart, educated high school students; let’s talk about our future as we watch the GOP fall to shambles (refer to Liza Banks’s article on the front page), what to wear this season (refer to Guen or Louis’s articles on New York Fashion Week), or about how we defeated SSSAS in the fight for the Seminary Hill Cup (refer to sports). I mean really, who in their right mind would devote an entire page to the life and times of Kim Kardashian?