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Senior Spotlight: Salina Tsegai

Salina Tsegai, a four-year senior from Chicago, Illinois, is known around campus for her warm smile, clever wit, and DJing skills. Not only is she a Senior Monitor, Chronicle section editor, and a slam poet but, she is my best friend, roommate for two years, and the funniest, most down-to-earth person that I know! Salina and I met when we were young, shy, naïve freshman. The really long, deep, hilarious conversations we held on dorm is one aspect of Salina and I’s friendship that I will cherish forever. Although Salina may not admit it, nobody can really dislike her. She is outgoing, witty, and an overall really nice person. Salina is the type of person that can talk to and get along with anyone once she gets to know them. She is a very loyal friend. She consistently can be found helping her peers adapt to life at EHS and making everyone smile. In additional to her charismatic qualities, Salina is a very talented writer and an eloquent speaker. She was the recipient of the David Daugherty writing award at the 2016 graduation last year for her outstanding writing skills. Her work can be seen in the Chronicle and has been published in the annual literary magazine, The Daemon. Her insight is seen in different classes and is always interesting and poignant. She works hard and makes people happy, Salina embodies the energy of the Episcopal student body. Not to mention, she is a skilled potter, dancer, and (again she is so good I had to mention it twice!) DJ. I know Salina will go far in her college career and in the future in general. I know I speak for all of her peers when I say that we can’t wait to see where life takes her!