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Athletic Spotlight: Oliver Randon

Why is he so fast?

“The New Greg Morgan,” also known as Oliver Randon, has taken the number one spot on the depth chart this year for the cross country team. When asked why he runs so fast, Oliver states calmly: “Because I have trained, and trained some more, since 6th grade. I eat very healthy, and treat my body like a temple.” Sugar is not even a part of Randon’s diet. Hailing from the great town of New Canaan, Connecticut, Oliver loves going on road trips and spending time with friends and family. His favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Recently, at the competitive and intense DC XC meet, Randon’s running magic did not fail to amaze. He ran the 5k in 16 minutes and 16 seconds, which is a mere three seconds away from the school record. Right now, even though he has the hand-eye coordination of a fish, he ranks second in the VISAA—the independent school athletic conference. After cross country season, Oliver can be found running on the track. His captainship of all three running teams—spring and winter track, along with cross country—highlight his running success, and he even claims to have run more miles than the  average car! He has followed in the footsteps of his brother, who has twice broken the Yale University record for the mile.

Oliver is looking forward to featuring more lackluster puns in his cross country announcements at lunch, and he can’t wait to dominate the State and IAC meets in November. If you see Oliver or his teammates in the halls, wish them luck on their future meets!