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20 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues at EHS

Winter at EHS has arrived. Here are some ideas for making it through these next cold months from seasoned (get it?) Episcopal students.

  1. “Senior Donuts… it’s the little things.” -Carson Goodwyn

  2. “A heater and a humidifier.” -Camden Alford

  3. “Spend more time at the Library.” -Brooks Young

  4. “I melt the winter blues.” -Sarah Doss

  5. “Nap.” -Julia Leisenring

  6. “Write a research paper. You’ll spend so much time in the climate controlled oasis of the library that by the time you finish your paper and leave the library, it will be spring!” -Priscilla Barton-Metcalfe
  7. “Travel to New Hampshire.” -Alexander Block

  8. “Pop a cup of noodles in the micorwave and watch a lot of Netflix.” -Lilly Westbrook

  9. “I eat a lot of food.” -Porter Geer

  10. “Have a snowball fight.” -Jack Kim

  11. “Wear a dress.” -Sophie Singletary

  12. “Make a fire and curl up and watch the flames.” -Mr. Anderson

  13. “Hang out with my friend Ashby.” -Taylor Redd

  14. “Winter Blues? Winter is exciting!” -Alexander Block

  15. “There’s no such thing as Winter Blues.” -Alexander Block

  16. “Mind over matter.” -Gaeten Roux

  17. “Wear cool socks and cook yummy things in your crock pot.” -Mr. Anderson

  18. “Don’t think about school.” -John Woodward

  19. “Bikram yoga! You sweat like a pig and feel like a fox.” -Ms. Wang-Gempp

  20. “Get outside and catch the stellar skize above the Holy Hill (or stay warm inside and live vicariously through @episcopalskize). There may be subarctic temperatures out there, but the skize are sure to bring the heat.” -Priscilla Barton-Metcalfe