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Senior Seminar Panel

To gain some perspective on what Senior Seminar is like for a whole range of upperclassman, the Online Chronicle asked four seniors the following five questions:

1. What is your externship?

2. How has the externship built upon your interest in this field? Or, have your interests changed/diminished at all?

3. If there’s one thing you’re gaining from this experience, it’s __________

4. How are you handling the other aspects of having a job (i.e. commute, dress code, professionalism, lunching, working under a supervisor).

5. Do you see yourself pursuing this career?

Rukky Ezi-Ashi:

1. I work at the Malala Fund – Malala recently won the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up against the Taliban and fighting for girl’s education. At 17, she is the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

2. I have always been interested in international relations and the Fund helps sponsor and fund programs in Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, and Sierra Leone that encourage girls’ education. Also, my mom runs a non-profit and I have also had an interest in how organizations like that work. So far the experience has been great.

3. Our goal is to raise awareness and raise money for a good cause, so everyone’s ideas are welcomed, needed, and greatly appreciated. In the past three days that I have worked there we have had two “brainstorming sessions” in which the whole team sits around a table and shares various ideas on campaign/ media strategies. Our motto: “No idea is a bad idea.”

4. My commute is 40 minutes on a good day, an hour on a bad day. I would have to say that the commute is the most draining part of the experience: switching trains, making sure you don’t miss your stop, and the possible delays are straining to think about. However, I pretty sure at the end of this experience I will be a pro. Also, I did not think I would ever say this, but “thank God for Dress Code”, because of our EHS dress code a “business casual” look is not that hard to accomplish in the mornings

5. I definitely would like to work in an international organization, I like the idea of being a true “global citizen.”

Josh Howard:

1. I am working at CSIET. A non-profit which oversees international educational exchange programs.

2. I have always been interested in non-profit organizations, especially ones which involve education. My externship has displayed to me the structure as well as the difficulties for working in this field.

3. If there’s one thing you’re gaining from this experience, it’s the ability to use a copying machine.

4. The adjustment to an office setting has not been too difficult as the dress code is identical to the one at school. Working in Old Town my commute is quite manageable, but having to sit at a desk for six hours a day is quite grueling.

Matt Smith:

1. Communications Office at EHS.

2. It has built on my interests of business because my externship has allowed me to see the many moving parts of a business and that each aspect of that business must have an equal amount of attention.

3. One thing I am gaining from my externship experience is maturity in my skills of time management when meeting deadlines for projects as well as other important tasks.

4. In all handling the aspects of having a job is second-nature because of my experience at other internships.

5. I do intend on pursuing the career of business but working for the Advancement Office of The High School I find is not the job for me.

Augusta Nau:

1. I am completing an on campus research project with the aid of Reverend Pollach and Ms. Vetter, Episopal’s archivist.  I am investigating Episcopal’s relationship with slavery and post Civil War race relations.

2. I have always been interested in history and I developed a curiosity about Southern History after taking Mr. Reynolds’ Advanced Southern History course this fall.  This project has definitely heightened my interests regarding historical research because I get to work with old primary source documents such as Headmaster Blackford’s diary which is extremely fascinating. I also have a lot of freedom when it comes to the research process which makes the experience more enjoyable.  Since it is a dark subject, parts of the process are challenging, but it is also cool to see the way that Episcopal reacted to major events in US history and developed as an institution.

3. One thing I am gaining from this experience is better organizational skills.  Not only do I have to organize all my research into a cohesive narrative, but I also have to manage my own time and schedule.  I have to send a lot of emails to people outside Episcopal, and to spend some time planning my day in order to make sure my work is effective.

4. Working on campus has its perks.  It is nice to not have to worry about a long commute because it makes my mornings easier.  I also get to have a looser dress code than some of my peers, which is also very nice. It has been a lot of fun to work with Ms. Vetter and Reverend Pollach because they are both interested in my project and have been extremely helpful as I have encountered various stumbling blocks.

5. Not sure if I would pursue a career as a historian, but I would be interested in completing more historical research in college.