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Community Life

  • Senior Spotlight: Taylor Redd
    EVERYONE knows T-Redd. You can always catch her mingling with the librarians, faculty children, freshmen, seniors, and e
  • May Day 2018
    “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” Ahhh yes, the now infamous May Day. In the secon
  • How To Live Your Best Episcopal Life, According to The Class of 2018
    From Erin Phillips ’18 and Janie Stillwell ’18 As we reminisce about our years at Episcopal, we are thinking
  • Dear Seniors,
    Having known the senior class for three years now, I can confidently say that they have impacted my Episcopal experience
  • Deep Talk on The Hill
    In the hustle of everyday life at Episcopal, the time for truly in-depth conversations is hard to find. I realized how l
  • Camp Episcopal Playlist
    Flower Power – Greta Van Fleet Louie Louie – Toots and The Maytals Whatcha Gonna Do – Eric Clapton Che


  • Girls JV Lacrosse
    Although their record might not show it, the goddesses of girls’ JV lacrosse (heretofore known as JAX) fought hard. T
  • The Game Has Changed
    One of the largest changes in professional sports history occurred just a few weeks ago. The Supreme Court struck down t
  • “This One Time, At Nationals…”
    “Attention, Row” That’s how a race begins: that’s when all a rower has to think about is rowing her absolute
  • Everyone, Every Day
    Thirty-five men, bonded together through blood, sweat, and memories.  The journey began in late February, but the team
  • Image
    EHS Track Breaks Records, Takes Medals
            On Saturday, May 19, the Episcopal track team travelled down to Richmond to battle alongside
  • Smiling Through It All
    This past track season has definitely been one to remember. It was filled with record breaking times and distances. This


  • Dancing Queen: Young and Sweet, Graduating
    This May, I’ve been working on a dance and film project with my roommate, Linda. I am so grateful that the school gave
  • Manga!! Mania
                If you go to the library on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you might notice r
  • Episcopalooza!
    Every year, the Student Association for the Performing Arts (SAPA) hosts its annual Episcopalooza celebration, recognizi
  • Artist Spotlight: Julia Messenger ’18
    We have all been there. It’s a Friday, you’re sitting in chapel, and you’re waiting for the student performance to
  • Spring Acting Showcase Review
    On May 22, Episcopal’s Acting 1 and Acting 2 classes performed plays they had each been working on for the duration of
  • Artist Spotlight: Gray Goodwyn ’18
    You probably know Gray Goodwyn. And if you don’t know him, you’ve probably heard of him. He’s a four-year senior,





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The Chronicle is a publication of Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia. We strive to provide timely, relevant news of interest to the greater EHS community.


  • Why I am a Republican
    I am a Republican because I believe in the freedoms, both economic and social, that were given to us by the founding doc
  • Why I am a Democrat
    I will be eligible to vote for the first time this November in the midterm elections. You could say I’m excited, but t
  • Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
    When South Korea hosted the Olympics for the first time, in 1988, North Korea boycotted the games after having orchestra
  • The Korean façade
    Whenever I introduce myself, I now say I’m from South Korea. I am tired of having to tell the few people who ask wheth
  • The Dark Underbelly of Episcopal’s Newest Trend
    The first time I heard about this new wintertime fad at Episcopal was when my roommate, Jinsoo Kim, walked into our room
  • Canada Goose: Don’t Hate
    How can you possibly own a coat with a fox that was boiled alive and puppy stuffing? If this is what you are asking owne


  • Diagnosis: Senioritis
    Patient Name: Warrell, Madelyn R. Date: June 02, 2018 Diagnosis: Recovering Stages of Senioritis   The patient was
  • We Lied and We’re Sorry
    It’s the final fling: the last couple days of school where truths are told, crushes revealed, graduation roses giv
  • A Day To Remember
    Memorial Day is a holiday that takes on many faces. For a majority of Americans, this is the long weekend of May focused
  • Routine Reminiscing
    My eyes drifted to the bottom left corner of the screen for one last time; 3:55, it said. Only 5 minutes and 4 more days
  • What is your favorite part of Camp Episcopal?
    “Playing volleyball before chapel” — Alex Brown “Wearing skirts” — Tallie Steiner “Playing music on strip
  • Boogie Fever Dancin’ Feet
    The smoke and light of 24 million people drifts up to my empty balcony. I lose myself in the electric haze of the city s

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