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  • Bloss Up!
    At 6 AM, my alarm went off and I rolled out of bed. As I did, I questioned whether seeing the cherry blossoms at dawn wo
  • See Ya Later Seniors
    As a junior, it is easy to look on with envy as this year’s seniors start to finish up their time at EHS. I think I sp
  • Senior Spotlight: Brooks Young
    Where do I start to express my affection for this omnipresent being, also known as Brooks Young? If you have not had the
  • Senior Spotlight: Maddy Gale
    If you are a part of the EHS community, then you definitely know Maddy Gale. Perhaps you’ve heard her singing either
  • Women’s History Month
    Last month, EHS had the privilege of meeting with many different impressive women in order to commemorate female accompl
  • Image
    Winter Carnival Costume Contest
    This year the Winter Carnival theme was “Sixties,” which provided for great costumes! Students entered by ta


  • Making Noise
    After a strong 2015 campaign, the EHS baseball program came into the new season with high hopes for an even better showi
  • We Stick Together
    As a proud member of the Episcopal girls’ varsity lacrosse team this year, I can relish the fact that we are an extrem
  • Going The Distance
    Spring track and field is off to a great start with athletes from many different winter afternoon options all ready to h
  • For The Love Of The Game
    The spring season has been tons of fun for girls’ varsity tennis. The warm weather makes it enjoyable to play outside.
  • Team First Mentality
    The top definition in urban dictionary for lacrosse is “what real men do during baseball,” and while I agree, the ga
  • Athletic Spotlight: Chris Giblin
    Chris Giblin has a unique presence on this campus.  As a three-sport athlete, Chris played a vital role on every varsit


  • More of the Moore? More of the War!
    On Friday, April 1st, I attended a performance of Othello at the Shakespeare Theatre along with fellow students, Lachlan
  • He(Art) of a Champion
    The Alexandria All City Art Exhibit took place the weekend of April 1, within walking distance from the Episcopal campus
  • Scorsese’s Biggest Score
    With the fluctuating April weather this year, what better way to spend a rainy and cold Saturday than snuggled up watchi
  • Artist Spotlight: Olivia Johnson
    Q. You were recently in the Alexandria All City Art Show and your latest piece got a lot of applause. What made you deci
  • A Low Key Choir Tour
    Choir tour is an annual event started by the master of the melody himself, Brandon Straub. In the past, choristers have
  • Album Review: “What’s Going On!”
    Usually your regular album review is covering the newest platinum hits, but I thought I’d take EHS parents back to a p

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  • Land of the Free for LGBT?
    On June 26 of last year, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodg
  • A Word from the Head Monitor
    Spring has sprung on the Holy Hill – sort of. Considering lacrosse games were played last Saturday in 30-degree weathe
  • A Word from the Head of the Honor Committee
    Spring at Episcopal is beautiful. As the weather has started to warm up, I’ve been talking to other students about the
  • State of the Race: Can Kasich Win?
    On paper, John Kasich seems like the perfect Reagan-esque candidate for 2016. He is experienced, cool headed, and, most
  • Garland Deserves a Hearing
    Following the death of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in February, the Republican-controlled Senate h
  • Image
    Social Snarkasm
    When you see your nemesis on Instagram wearing a dress you own and you’re like… “She stole my look!” Is

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